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Log into your jnAccount, or create an account, now! It's fast and free! Log In! Sign Up! New Price. Add a False Inflation Alert. Update Trading Post History. For Buyables: We will use the Shop Wiz to verify your suggestion, and in the process we may come up with our own average price. Reports are also not always checked immediately, so what we find may slightly differ!

For Unbuyables: We have strict pricing guidelines in place to prevent unscrupulous users from attempting to fudge unbuyable prices. If we cannot find evidence of your price suggestion, then we may simply not make any changes. Return to Options.

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Is this item being falsely inflated and used maliciously on the Trading Post? Let us know by clicking the button below so that we can investigate. For example, an item that goes from NP to 2, NP would not receive an alert. But an item that has a consistent history of being around 75, NP that sees a sudden jump to say, , NP, might be worthy of a warning. These guidelines do not apply to items inflated naturally due to time passing such as a retired item raising in price over time , or an event occurring such as Charity Corner pushing up the price of wearables.

GitHub - ibm-security-innovation/goldy: Lightweight DTLS proxy

The spirit of our inflation warning guidelines is to prevent buyers from being ripped off with prices they shouldn't be paying. So if you think an item qualifies, don't hestitate to let us investigate. Are there newer lots on the Trading Post that don't appear in our history? Let us know and we'll add the new lots when we can.

Note: Since lots on the Trading Post come and go, we may or may not be able to catch the ones you found. And of course, we can only add what we find! Sign up.

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