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Explaining the science of Antarctic glaciers

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  2. Sea level changes forced by Southern Ocean winds
  3. Climate Change May Suppress Santa Ana Winds, Particularly in Fall
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Hughes has modeled how climate affects the Santa Ana winds. The winds are powered by the sharp pressure difference or "gradient" between the Great Basin — a vast interior region spanning parts of Nevada, Utah and Oregon — and the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast. But while the Santa Ana winds feel hot, that pressure gradient depends on the presence of high-density cold air masses over the Great Basin. According to Hughes, the Scripps study implies "an increased likelihood of fire later in the season. And like Gershunov, she says that to understand the bigger picture of what this spells for Southern California wildfires, other factors must be taken into account.

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Southern Winds Hospital Employee Reviews

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Boaty McBoatface Makes Key Climate Change Discovery on First Mission

Copy Link. Santa Ana winds helped drive the Thomas Fire in December More on Climate Change. Megan Molteni.

Sea level changes forced by Southern Ocean winds

Anna Vlasits. Eric Niiler.

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Related Video. Science How Climate Change Is Already Affecting Earth Though the planet has only warmed by one-degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution, climate change's effect on earth has been anything but subtle.

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  • Climate Change May Suppress Santa Ana Winds, Particularly in Fall.
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Author: Daniel Oberhaus Daniel Oberhaus. Author: Rhett Allain Rhett Allain. Author: Jim Robbins Jim Robbins. Santa Ana winds, seasonal gusts of dry desert air that can bring havoc to Southern California, might become less common, especially in fall and spring, as the conditions that drive them change, according to a pair of researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. Together with expected changes in precipitation patterns, this suggests a later wildfire season in the future and a possibility for longer-burning wildfires.

Climate Change May Suppress Santa Ana Winds, Particularly in Fall

Climate scientists Janin Guzman-Morales and Alexander Gershunov report in the journal Geophysical Research Letters that Santa Ana winds are becoming less frequent as high pressure systems over the Great Basin weakenover the 21st century. The decline will be most pronounced in early and late Santa Ana wind season, which typically runs from October to April.

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Santa Ana winds — occasional dry and gusty reversals of the more typical moisture-laden winds from the west — figure prominently in the lore of Southern California. They are so long familiar to the region that they have served as a literary device employed by writers such as Raymond Chandler and Joan Didion.

Working at Southern Winds Hospital: Employee Reviews |

For the most part, Santa Ana winds bring welcome warmth and intense sunshine to Southern California in winter, as well as striking sunsets and starry nights. In fiction and real life, however, the winds are sometimes cast in a role as a bringer of unease and occasional catastrophe. Santa Anas are often a force that can make driving through Southern California mountain passes hazardous.