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As you continue on, you find Mitsurugi on the side of the road begging for food. He is still searching for Soul Edge and heard that someone called "Knight of Mare" has the sword in his possession. Mitsuguri offers to help you again, but Dion wants him to prove his worth first. Natalie sent word that everything is okay with her, but there is still no new information on Azwel. With Mitsuguri by your side, you continue on. However, you encountered a strange aura that felt like a beserker stepping forth from an astral fissure.

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You come face to face with Geralt of Rivia , and he misinterprets your powers for something evil. With the fight over, you thrust your hands into the astral fissure to claim its power. Geralt witnesses you close the fissure, and then he turns to leave. Mitsuguri hurries off after him to challenge Geralt to a rematch. You and Dion leave to go find the next fissure.

After defeating them, you start to head after Natatie to the other fissure. You arrive at the meeting spot Natalie had set and learn there has still been no sign of Azwel. A single beserker emerges from the astral fissure, and you fight. After absorbing the power of the second astral fissure, you begin to realize that your nightmares had been occurring less frequently.

You begin to wonder if you are freeing yourself of the Astral Chaos. You recieve information from Aval that an astral fissure has appeared in Greece, and Azwel is heading its way. You and the team plan your approach to the next fissure, and Dion and Natalie leave the room. He is looking at his left arm and says, "You would not approve, Curtis.

Later that night, Dion approaches you with the plan to destroy Azwel once and for all. He anticipates dying from the battle, but he is willing to risk everything to defeat Azwel. He asks you to kill him should he lose control of himself. The next day, the road to the temple was covered with warriors. Your path was blocked by Daniel, so you strike him down to remove him from your path. You begin to fight Azwel, but half way through the battle he offers for you to join him. The Aval agent you report to warns you about an astral fissure north of town, and you head directly there.

Closer to the fissure, a beserker appeared with a loud roar. The beserker was a fallen Aval agent that is no longer human. You exterminate the beserker and close the astral fissure. Bad news was awaiting you back in town. Azwel had survived the fall and was seen meeting with his followers. They are all heading to Ostrheinsburg Castle, where a ceremony to summon the Ultimate Seed will take place. The moon has to be full and the stars have to align for the ceremony to take place.

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According to Natalie, this will not be for another two months. Zasalamel appears and asks if you can defeat Azwel by cooperating with Aval. He tells you he believes you have gained enough strength to be able to resist the Astral Chaos, and that strength is the key to victory. Zasalamel says someone of your strength could reach into the Astral Chaos and claim on of the true swords as your own.

Following the aura of the two swords, you make your way to a grassy plain far away from town. You run into the ninja you have seen before. She believes you are tracking her, and she demands to see if your soul has submitted to evil. You fight the ninja, also known as Taki, and the fight awakened memories of a deadly battle for control of Soul Edge. Sensing someone else linked to the swords, you make your way to distant mountains. You witnessed a woman fighting off malfested with lightening-fast blows from her flat sword. She placed her palm on the malfested head and purified the evil within him.

You learn the woman's name is Sophitia , and she wishes to understand the truth behind the power inside you. After defeating her, she tells you she doesn't understand how such power could live in someone without it consuming their mind and soul. Sophitia prays for you, and you continue on. In a village deep within the forrest, you will find a man with the aura of the two swords.

The village streets were littered with blood and corpses. After you defeat the man, also known as Cervantes , the fight will show you memories of others fighting to control Soul Edge. You receive message that Natalie and Dion want to meet, so you set out to find them right away. Zasalamel appears behind you, and he tells you that Aval has started to gather its forces near Ostrheinsburg castle. Zasalamel readies his weapon to fight you in what he calls your final test.

After your battle, he tells you that you have "promise", and then he disappears. You then meet up with Natalie and Dion, and you prepare to summon one of the swords from the Astral Chaos to defeat Azwel. As Aval prepares to launch a full-blown attack on Ostrheinsburg Castle, you discover the ceremony will be held in the "Hall of the Chosen". Inside the castle, during the midst of battle, you make your way to the Hall of the Chosen where you find Azwel.

He has been expecting you, and he begins to explain all of his plans. Azwel needs to take the power of the spirit and cursed swords, then he will mix the energies of the heavens and the earth. He has all of those components, but he is missing one key factor. He needs an enormous wave of energy that will come from you. Azwel has allowed you to absorb the astral fissures so you would become more powerful.

All that he needs to do now is force the power of the blades to resonate with the power inside you. Chaotic energy and the power of the swords will intertwine and break forth. Only then will the Ultimate Seed come into existence. After you fight and defeat Azwel, he will morph into his second form. Battle him again, and he is still not ready to give up. You deflect his attacks and reach into the Astral Chaos to retrieve one of the swords, defeating Azwel once and for all.

The torrent of light consumes your body, and you believe you are on the verge of death. However, you feel ready to accept your fate, no longer afraid of it. With Azwel dead, the Ultimate Seed will be no more. You are in Ostrheinsburg Castle when you open your eyes, with Zasalamel by your side. He tells you Azwel's plans have come to nothing. He tells you to be proud. You not only saved yourself, but all of humanity as well. There, she finds an abstract version of Sweet Apple Acres populated by Big Mac clones representing different aspects of his personality.

Then one of the Big Mac clones enters Twilight's mind in a sort of dream-within-a-dream sequence. Anderson: Psi-Division : Probably half the stories involve Anderson fighting various villains in mental dreamscapes. In Legion of Super-Heroes , when Shrinking Violet is possessed by the Emerald Eye of Ekron, Saturn Girl enters her mind to help her realize what has happened and encourage her to break free of its control.

The titular room of Clean Room allows the physical exploration of the mind and memories of a target, among other things. The fifth Druuna album "Mandrogora" is all about Druuna going inside the dreams of Lewis , whose mind still exists buried deep within the ship's computer, to find the cure to The Virus that he inadvertently brought with him.

Winning the Battle for your Mind, Will and Emotions Book - Robert Hotchkin (TV Offer #366)

A lot of these are distorted re-enactments of scenes from her earlier adventures. The Calvin and Hobbes: The Series episode "Socratesland" involves the protagonists going to the center of Socrates' mind to repair a malfunctioning communicator chip, where the various aspects of his personality frolic about. Then, during the Wedding Arc, Trixie returns the favor by helping Cadence get into Twilight's mind to complete the process of freeing her from Chrysalis' control. Similarly, in The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds , Twilight helps Megan and Morning Glory's family enter Morning Glory's mind in order to save her from the near-comatose state Discord left her in centuries ago.

Queen of All Oni : Uncle uses a spell powered by the Sheep talisman to send Tohru into Jade's mind in order to gather intel, only for Tohru to end up in Jade's Mental World and encounter the Aspects Anthropomorphic Personifications of parts of Jade's mind before being thrown out. This seems to have been for no other reason than to establish said Mental World and the Aspects as a recurring subplot. The The World of the Creatures is a journey to the center of the author's mind.

In this story, the world inside a person's head is made up of physical manifestations of the experiences and memories of that person's life. In the case of the author - who is obsessed with zoology, paleontology, and speculative biology - most of the world is mostly covered in dense, tropical jungle filled with every variety of creature from any variation of time, space, or imagination.

During the final match in The Moonstone Cup , Twilight experiences this just before the mass of energy in her threatens to explode spectacularly to figure out how to properly use the extra energy against her opponent. This is how many Tensei in Goddess Reborn Chronicle awaken their true selves and they can do it once they break through at will. It's not entirely safe and they can get stuck there. Or worse, one of the parts of them, such as their shadows or previous incarnations can take over. In the Inside Out fanfic Intercom , Riley enters her own mind through lucid dreaming once she and her emotions learn that it's possible.

It's a sequel to an earlier fic where Han is brutally tortured and raped. At first, he appears to be recovering slowly in this fic, but then begins having hallucinations and panic attacks before retreating into his mind completely. Luke senses through the Force that Han is trapped watching a dream version of himself going through his ordeal. After talking with the doctors, Luke risks a potentially dangerous to Han, if something goes wrong technique of entering Han's mind through the Force, so he can help his brother-in-law deal do whatever needs to be done to pull him back to reality.

Films — Animated. It's quite empty, but that emptiness allows Emmett to have clarity of mind far beyond even the greatest of Master Builders as he's the only character to have seen The Man Upstairs. The plot of Inside Out revolves around this concept, although the ones who do the journey are two anthropomorphic emotions. Films — Live-Action. This is the entire premise of Being John Malkovich. Even Malkovich goes into his own mind, and the resulting surrealistic horror might qualify as terrifying if it weren't so goddamn funny.

This is the whole point of the movie The Cell , where in trying to connect to those who are in a comatose state, this normally therapeutic tool then gets used as a Mind Probe on a serial killer by the police and then turned around on the therapist by the serial killer into a Mind Screw. Later, the whole experience then makes the therapist improve on the whole thing to make it a true Journey to the Center of the Mind Fight Club : "Slide!

It has gained so much fame for this it could be considered the Trope Codifier. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has it happen again and again; the Imaginarium is kinda-sorta its title character's mind combined with the explorers' imagination s. Dreamscape revolves around government agents entering people's dreams for various purposes. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix : Snape introduces Harry to the magical ability of Legilimency, the ability to enter another's mind. We see Snape use it to peruse Harry's memories, we also learn that You-Know-Who used to use this skill to enter people's mind and implant visions so horrible they would be begging for death, and later we see a short, but trippy look inside Harry's mind as he and All the occurrences happening to the hero in Gozu can be seen as this.

The Greg Bear novel Queen of Angels has a climactic trip into "the country of the mind" of a killer. The Japanese novel Paprika and the anime movie based on the novel revolves around a device that lets the user enter another person's dreams, and what happens when said device falls into the wrong hands. The Nac Mac Feegles entered Tiffany's mind in order to bring her some sheep's wool, Jolly Sailor Tobacco and turpentine, all things she associates with home and Granny Aching, to help her fight the Hiver that was controlling her mind.

There are also some short scenes in Thud! The psyker Mita is caught with him and at first thinks it's a daemon world. She explains the situation, he persuades her, and she frees him. The protagonist of Norman Spinrad 's story " Carcinoma Angels " goes on a journey into his own mind to attempt to cure his cancer. It works, but in a twist ending he can't find his way back out and spends the rest of his life in a coma.

In Andreas D. As every person his sister knows has an alter ego in her mind, equipped with power according to the relationship to her, he slips into the body of the duke of Fraterna, only to notice that the personification of his evil side has just stolen the most vital artifact in the whole world the reason for his sister's coma.

He is assigned by the queen the representation of his sister to retrieve said artifact. The protagonists of James Morrow's Blameless in Abaddon enter the mind of God Himself, where they converse with Biblical characters and dinosaurs playing Scrabble. God Himself. This trope is a typical day at work for a soulscaper in Burying the Shadow. They heal injuries and illnesses of the mind from the inside. There's a light novel written by CLAMP named Yume Gari Dream Hunter , where the main character Tatsumi Honjou is a yumegari warrior who investigates the dreams of others and, if needed, dives into them.

Every yumegari must be partnered with a yumemori who has to watch over the yumegari and their own dreams; Tatsumi's yumemori is a man named Kyousuke Kaga, and after her parents and predecessors die in the line of duty, Tatsumi goes to live with Kyousuke In the Dreamblood Duology , Sharers enter the minds of those they are healing and rummage around to find the cause of their ailment as well as working their healing from within the patient's mind.

In the first The Paper Magician book, Ceony travels into the mind of Emery Thane, which is apparently located in his heart rather than his brain. The journey has four stages. In each stage, Ceony encounters a different set of his thoughts or memories, and converses with a different facet of his personality.

The first stage encompasses his happy memories, the second his dreams and hopes for the future, the third his unhappy memories, and the fourth his doubts and regrets. In Minecraft The Crash , Bianca's VR journey mirrors her own mind, and the obstacles she faces are born of her own fears and doubts. Live-Action TV. In a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Counselor Troi enlists the aid of a powerful alien telepath to enter the mind of her comatose mother. In another, Picard and company attach Data's brain to the holodeck to enter his dreams so they can learn what he doesn't know that he knows.

In the episode "Emergence", the Enterprise starts to gain an intelligence and the holodeck becomes the imagination of the ship. The crew enters the holodeck in order to figure out what the aims of the Enterprise are. He turns the tables on them by creating a part of his mind that looks like the room they started from and trying to trap them there. Red Dwarf : "Terrorform," the gang has to rescue Rimmer from his personal demons as manifested on a moon that has transformed itself into a manifestation of his psyche.

In "Gunmen of the Apocalypse," the crew link a virtual reality machine up to Kryten's brain and enter his subconscious to help him fight off a computer virus that he had contracted in order to come up with an antidote. Likewise in the Angel episode "Orpheus," the eponymous drug traps both Angelus and Faith inside his memories until his soul is restored. In a Supernatural dream episode, Bobby was trying to get killed by his dead wife who he killed , Dean fought and killed a doppelganger personifying his massive ball of self-loathing and Sam was tied down in a Christ-pose and used his psychic powers?

In the 6th season's finale, Castiel breaks down Sam's wall and he has to find his way back to Dean and Bobby by finding and killing Robo! Sam and Hell! Sam, which the wall was making sure he never remembered. And again in the 7th season mid-season finale, when Bobby is dying of brain trauma, and has to navigate his own mind to escape a reaper coming after him and to find a way out.

Invoked again in the 8th season, when Castiel takes Sam inside the mind of Fred Jones, a reality warping psychic, to talk him into regaining control over his powers since the latter buried himself too deep within his own subconscious to engage him in a more conventional manor. In Heroes , Matt Parkman was forever going inside peoples' minds and dreams for various reasons. This came back to haunt him in Volume Five when he traps Sylar's consciousness inside his own mind, ultimately allowing him to take control of his body.

In the season four two part finale of House , Chase attempts to use medical hypnotism to unlock House's memories of a bus-crash. We can see both the inside of the bar he visited beforehand, and the bus he rode on. Most details are obscured or not present. House: God, I hate Beer brand beer! The title was apparently a psychedelic takeoff on Jules Verne 's Journey to the Center of the Earth , replacing geology with psychology.

Ayreon 's "The Human Equation": the protagonist, while comatose has a rather lengthy discussion with his emotions. The Brain is a somewhat literal version of this, showing how the brain itself works. Tabletop Games. In the Ravenloft adventure The Forgotten Terror , the deceased PCs' souls are trapped in a realm contained in the gemstone of an cursed dagger.

In addition to areas that look like they are made of ruby, there are areas based various memories and aspects of the villain's personality. In the center of the realm is the villain himself, who is all-powerful within this realm. Gamemasters are encouraged to be creative with the unfortunate consequences of the therapy. This is the fundamental premise of Dreamwalker. The surrealistic indie rpg Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City The players are agents of an unidentified organization dedicated to curing anti-social i.

They basically took the idea of the collective unconscious and turned it into a semi-tangible dream world where nothing is guaranteed to make sense, and it's populated with the unconscious, unwitting minds of everyone on the planet. Needless to say, there's a lot of strange symbolism to be had. In the adventure "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream", the PCs must enter the mind of a comatose superhero and convince him that he's dreaming and needs to wake up.

Video Games. This is the central premise of Tim Schafer's Psychonauts — travelling into the minds of others and sorting out their emotional baggage literally and psychological problems. Likewise, the action-adventure Alundra , in which we discover that people's dreams and subconscious minds contain a lot of block puzzles. And the PS2 action-RPG Dual Hearts , which sadly got lost in the shuffle of case of many games with "Hearts" in the title coming out around the same time.

Dual Hearts and Alundra are created by the same development team. DH is practically a Spiritual Successor. In Quest for Glory IV it's possible to see into the mind of a powerful enchantress in your dreams, by sleeping at certain places that have been touched by her magic. The dreams tell the hero what happened to her, foreshadow the climax of the game, and can vary slightly from character class to character class characters who play as Paladins receive more information about what to do, while characters who have some magical ability have some dreams with a more romantic bent.

He's looking for his common sense. It's pretty tiny, so it takes a while to find. Every game in the series had a mental dungeon or two. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion includes a sidequest where you help a comatose man wake up by retrieving parts of his sanity in a surreal dreamworld and reason to make him realize that it is All Just a Dream.

To get Shegorath to leave and return to his Daedric realm, you have to treat Pelagius' mental illness using Sheogorath's Daedric artifact. One of the scenarios in Osu! Ouendan 2 involves the Ouendan entering the dreams of a six-year-old boy to help him with his bed-wetting problem. The point is for the diver to deepen their relationship with the Reyvateil in order to generate new spells and costumes.

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Final Fantasy VII : After Cloud is subjected to a cruel Mind Screw that leads him to believe he's a mere clone of Sephiroth created by Mad Scientist Hojo and then falls into The Lifestream , he he becomes mentally-quadriplegic and sits almost silently in a wheelchair, unable to do anything. However, we often feel deflated or invalidated when there are no reactions to what we say. We might find ourselves shaping and shading our comments to get validation from others.

We will learn to think like the group and act like the group. Our desire to be accepted will be a stronger force in our lives than pursuit of the truth. Mind controllers use social media to attract marginalized people into groups. Mind controllers exploit the basic human fear of being alone and living in isolation by providing a friendly environment for social interaction. Who can avoid the addictive power of social media and the process of groupthink enough to decide to not participate?

Anyone who has spent time on the internet knows that it is filled with pornography. Pornography is much more than adult entertainment — it damages human relationships and can become a powerful addiction. Mind controllers use pornography to get people to detach their affections and emotions from human relationships and to make sexual fantasy a way of life. They want us living without strong human bonds and to pursue self-satisfying lusts, which they can control. For disciples of Jesus, participating in pornography is a form of fornication or adultery, and is never acceptable.

It is natural for children to have curiosity about their bodies and to have questions about sexuality. It is the responsibility of parents to give age appropriate answers to their questions and not avoid the subject because we are uncomfortable. It is easier for Satanic mind controllers to break the minds of children when they are poorly educated about their bodies and sexual functioning.

Many computer games turn killing into entertainment. Mind controllers use games to train people to devalue human life. Something happens in the mind after prolonged uninterrupted exposure to computer games. People enter into a kind of hypnotic condition where they refuse to be interrupted.

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  5. Gamers may give up human relationships and their relationship with God for the sake of their games. When these games are combined with mind altering pharmaceutical drugs, then people can be set up for committing acts of violence against themselves in the form of suicide, or violent acts against others in the form of mass murders.

    EA: You Can Win the Battle in Your Mind

    As an alternative to computer games, teach your family to play games involving face to face contact with other people. Board games, word games, and games that encourage social interaction can be great fun. The high sugar diet is ideally suited to help mind controllers execute their programs. Dietary reform will strengthen your body and your mind, and help you wake-up to mind control activities.

    I recommend switching to a no sugar, low carbohydrate, medium protein, and high healthy fat diet to protect your mind and your body from being ravaged by the mind control agenda of the ruling elite. Of course, the diet also should be GMO and glyphosate free. Avoid processed foods even if they are organic. The ultimate solution for escaping the power of mind controllers is to simply avoid going to the places where they spin their web of deception.

    During the Nazi era of Germany, intellectuals and followers of Jesus were taken into containment camps for brainwashing.

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    • Living Well Despite Catching Hell: The Black Womans Guide to Health, Sex and Happiness.
    • Books by Dr. Richard L. Strauss ~ Spiritual Gold?

    But today, our entire country is the containment camp and the conventional media and entertainment industry are the prison guards and brainwashing agents. Electromagnetic technology is being developed to neutralize mind control resistors. The ruling elite understand the threat posed by those who continue to remain awake to their plans. They are working hard to neutralize us. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches.

    Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

    The Mind Connection How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions

    By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address to get the latest blogs from Reclaiming Your Legacy! Mainstream News Media Mainstream media has completely locked up the truth and only presents the approved version of any news story. Minimize your exposure to mainstream news.

    Refuse the temptation to believe they are honestly reporting important facts. Use several alternative media services instead. When you do watch a news show or read an article in print media, reflect on some questions. What is it that the media wants me to believe? Why do they want me to believe this? Who will benefit if I adopt this belief? What freedom will I lose if I believe them? You may need to do internet research to go deeper into the topic.

    Entertainment The strongest form of mind control is found in entertainment.